'RESPECT' Banksy tunnel, London by local artist Liam Dowd

Know your rights?

Young people need and deserve information and education about sex and sexuality.

You deserve to feel happy and confident; to know about respect for yourself and for others; and about enjoyment and pleasure. It’s your right.

Sexual rights are HUMAN RIGHTS.

Sexuality Education is more than just body biology and busting myths. It’s also about your personal, emotional and cultural journey which can shape the way you choose to live your life.

Do you want to have a healthy relationship? Do you want to avoid an unplanned pregnancy? Do you want to protect yourself from STIs and HIV?

With information and education on sexual and reproductive health and rights, you can!

Own your rights!

CSE means Comprehensive Sexuality Education. It means knowing the facts.

It means knowing about respect, feeling confident about your sexuality, and learning to say no.

You deserve to feel positive about the choices you make. Whoever you are, you have the right to be happy and healthy.

CSE is your right. Ask for it, campaign for it, demand it. Know It, Own It!

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